Funeral services and prices in Renfrewshire

At the Silver Rose we understand that everyone needs to deal with their loss, grief and funeral arrangements differently. Having experienced our own losses personally over the years, our goal is to deliver the compassion and service thats tailored to your needs. We develop very close relationships with so many people who enter our domain, its an honour to be a trusted friend and confidant, conversely, if your needs are to take advantage of our skills and experience with subtlety, we are only too happy to oblige.

A personal funeral Service

Your needs are paramount. We can provide the most elaborate, the most traditional or the most subtle funeral service as per your requirements. Most funerals will follow one of a few traditional formats, we will provide you with all the services and advice you require with no pressure or hidden costs. If you have any requests or ideas we would take pleasure in being part of something special.

As part of our services we provide:

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    Established over 15 years

    Over 15 years of providing funeral services in Renfrewshire and the surrounding communities.

  • urn

    Burials & cremations

    Organising religious and non religious burials and cremations at venues throughout Renfrewshire, Glasgow and surrounding areas.

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    Modern Silver fleet

    A modern fleet consisting of bright silver Mercedes hearse and matching limousines.

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    qualified embalmer

    Our own in house care facilities and qualified embalmer of 25 years experience.

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    Pre paid funeral plans

    We have been arranging funeral plans for 18 years and our plans are FCA regulated. We are happy to provide advice on new plans or changing your current arrangements.

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    Funeral stationary

    If you wish, you can choose from our designs or we can design your service sheets and funeral stationary in house and arrange completion with our printer.

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    Visiting & service rooms

    Bright welcoming funeral homes in Renfrew and Erskine with visiting rooms and service room in Renfrew.

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    Direct cremation options

    As well as our direct cremations starting from £1250, we offer intimate and simple full funeral services at our funeral home which can be completed with a direct cremation. Funeral home services inclusive packages start from £2250.

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    Range of coffins

    A large selection of traditional coffins and the option of personalised and wicker coffins.

If any decisions prove to be too difficult for you to make, don't worry, we will understand, and can guide you to your loved ones perfect send off. We will be available 24 hours if you need advice, support, or simply someone to talk to.

Older man sitting in armchair by window, relaxing at home, reading book, smiling.
Older man sitting in armchair by window, relaxing at home, reading book, smiling.

Bespoke funeral costs

Here is our standard pricing for traditional funeral services

Professional services: £1250

Provision of all professional services, including but not limited to, the preparation and all administrative needs of all essential documentation and provision of all necessary personnel and facilities to arrange and undertake the funeral service.

Conveyance to our care: £250

Bringing your loved one into our care by our respectful, trained staff using specialised equipment. The method of transport is a discreet specially adapted vehicle.

Embalming (optional): £300

Preparation, hygienic treatment and presentation of your loved one at our own facilities by our own qualified embalmer.

Provision of hearse: £400 - Family limousines: £190

We provide a silver Mercedes-Benzes hearse and all personnel for the practical and ceremonial needs of the funeral service. The optional family limousines are also silver Mercedes and can seat 7 passengers in comfort. Our chauffeurs are dressed in matching attire.

Coffin or casket: £350

We have a range of traditional and alternative coffins available. The standard coffin chosen by most clients is £550 and comes in dark, light or grey colours.

These are the costs for the funeral directors services only and some are optional.

Our local crematoria service prices vary from £595 (limited service times and locations) to £1188 (correct as of November 2023).

The local cemeteries vary more significantly as this depends on your council area except in the case of a private cemetery.

In any case the cost also depends on whether you have an existing plot or require a new lair.

This information is available on the council website or cemetery website in the case it is not council owned.

Please use this link to the Renfrewshire council cemetery fees page and call us if you need an explanation of how their fees work.

Cemeteries - Renfrewshire Website

For details on fees associated with clergy, celebrants, florists, orders of service and other third party costs please contact us.

Simple Cremation Options

At the Silver Rose we have expanded on the traditional direct cremation service to allow some greater involvement and ceremony with less fuss or financial burden, whichever may be your priority.

These services are comprehensive and the prices are finite for each option but the services available are reduced in line with the reduced cost, i.e. there are no visitations, or additional coffin choices and there is limited personalisation of arrangements.

Option 1

Direct Cremation: £1250

A straightforward unattended service which will take place at a time of our choice at a local crematorium.

Your involvement with us will be limited to completion of documentation and the collection of your loved ones ashes.

Option 2

Funeral home ceremony: £2250

This is our most popular simple cremation service. Having completed all documentation, we will organise a date and time of mutual agreement to hold a funeral service at one of our funeral homes. We have included a celebrant fee in this price, which may be removed if not required. Following the service your loved one will be conveyed to the crematorium at a time of our choosing for a direct cremation, no mourners will be permitted at this final stage.

Option 3

Morning service: from £2295

Attended committals take place at local crematoriums at set morning appointments. We will convey your loved one to the crematorium in our silver hearse, you may follow in your own vehicles or meet us at the venue. Depending on venue, there may be a limited number of mourners at the crematorium and a limited service may take place in line with the applied reduction in crematorium fees. As such we have not included a celebrant fee in the above price.

Please find below our standardised price list

We are obliged to provide this document for comparison to other funeral directors costs. We always recommend you explore your full requirements with a funeral director before considering any companies service as a direct comparison to another.

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